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A Draka-ish World by RoyalPsycho A Draka-ish World by RoyalPsycho
Draka-ish World:
This is a Domination of Draka world done differently. It borrows themes from several different DoD time-lines and all credit for those of course goes to the time-line creators.

History diverged from OTL much as it did in SM Stirling's novel with the acquisition of the Dutch Cape Colony during the American Revolutionary War and it's renaming to as the Crown Colony of Draka. During the war British Canada suffered it's own revolutionary movements and collapsed into an independent kingdom forcing the British to find another area to resettle the loyalists of the former American colonies. Now British South Africa suddenly appeared like a godsend to the government who portrayed it to the colonists as an unclaimed frontier just ready to be taken by intrepid pioneers and settled.

The Colony was reopened to immigration and expanded as people flocked to the region for various reasons as in the original novel. However despite the 'clever' concealment of their slavery from the British government the Draka would forever receive criticism for their treatment of the natives as well as their blatant independent expansion that was tolerated only due to it serving the Empire.

The Draka continued to expand rapidly and perfected several innovations in the means of controlling unruly native populations as well as medical techniques in tropical environments however trouble was always encountered and progress was more centralised than the original novel. The Draka did embrace classicalism as well as a love for the 'Spartan' lifestyle that did keep their population fairly healthy as well as maladjusted to the lifestyle of a militant culture.

There were wars colonial partitions, revolutions and a change in world attitudes. In that the Domination of today was born.

The Domination of Draka is a massive sprawling entity controlling nearly two thirds of Africa with an iron fist. It suffers from a lowering of the white population and a marked drop in birth rates that has forced them to revoke quite a number of cultural policies, mono-gender schools are now co-educational, children of serfs are enfranchised and baby taxes are the most prominent in order to bring the Draka population back to order. Immigration was attempted but the world now views the Domination as the most horrific nation on the face of the Earth. Despite their attempts to hide the brutality satellite picturing makes it increasingly difficult.

Regardless of that the Domination is a world power with the resources of Africa at its disposal and an almost miraculous economy that whilst not as rich as the American or Russian models is still wealthy and does provide a standard of living for the Citizens and Janissaries, the regular serfs however.....are best not mentioned. Life for the average citizen is often romanticized as that of the enlightened aristocrat, traditional but still willing to progress.

The Draka's only ally on the world stage is the Empire of Japan. Japan modernised like OTL and did expand voraciously but was a bit more successful. During the Great War Japan was able to take advantage of a largely distracted Europe and snaffle as much of China as possible before Britain noticed as well as Taiwan and the Philippines. They have now had to resort to increasingly brutal methods in order to keep their empire and look towards the Domination for inspiration and guidance in their suppression of dissidents.

Japan by this point is looking increasingly oligarchic as more power is taken away from the military and given to the corporations and rich clan families. Japan is a traditional nation still famous for bushido and geisha (as well as cartoon pornography) but is not as big about exporting it as OTL. Despite their imperialistic aspirations and brutal treatment of their subject races the Japanese are still traded with by much of the world due to the sheer volume of products their empire can produce through a combination of Chinese labour and Japanese organisation.

Relations between the two empires are by necessity close. Draka and Japanese scientists often collaborate with their research and Japanese visitors and tourists are extended honorary citizenship whilst on Draka soil (they have to wear the special badges notifying this however to avoid the secret police detaining them as runaways. There is an increasingly small niche market for European and Asian slaves bought into bondage from various underground sources and sold as exotic accessories to prominent plantation families. However with the rise of the new laws this market is becoming increasingly restricted and borderline illegal in the Domination.

Opposing this horrific partnership (if not directly) are an alliance of liberal democratic nations. The Alliance for Democracy.

The British Empire is the honorary leader though it is now being challenged for the position by it's allies. The Empire no longer denies that it has profited enormously due to the Domination in its history but the British no longer wish to be associated with what they call their 'Bastard Child' and have laboured long and hard to crate a multi-racial federal arrangement for their Empire in order to show that.

The Empire itself sprawls across North Africa covers the Middle East and then goes on to dominate Southern Asia and Australasia until they hit Japan. Britain had for a long time centred it's empire in the Indian Ocean region but when the Draka seceded they lost most of their African possessions and found their Indian colonies threatened by the now hostile Draka. This is what led tot he initial centralization and later industrialisation of the empire to combat the threat. It was then during the Great European War that Britain stayed neutral in (due to being distracted by the Domination) that Britain took as an opportunity to acquire land. They joined the Entente after the Draka made feelers to the Alliance and fought the Domination to a near standstill.

The later revolutions and civil wars in France and Russia followed by their Socialist takeovers lead to the British stealing anything that wasn't nailed down in order to 'contain the Socialist threat'.

The attitude of the Empire is one of multi-racial cooperation and overseas development as well as a strengthening of political and economic ties with the Imperial territories and dependencies. The combined economic strength of the Empire is formidable and even allows them to match economic giants like the USA and Russia but they now that this is now the only way they are now capable of matching them. Despite this they are beginning to suffer a serious Muslim problem as radical elements and religious groups are materialising all over the Empire.

The USA is the next major partner in the Grand Alliance. Despite a rather turbulent political history (bad blood from the Revolution) the emergence of several serious threats in the case of the Slaver and Socialist powers has led to one of the strongest political relationships in history.

The United States had a rather different early history and did not suffer a civil war. However it did take longer for them to abolish slavery and segregation was only ended properly in the 80s. The US was also more expansionist and did lead several wars of conquest into Central America. This had political repercussions that led to the US ending it's isolationist policies due to negative European response to their expansionism. This led to a changing of alliance systems and the inclusion of the USA in the world community.

The United States is the dominating nation of the North American continent and controls the other states not directly integrated as states through a combination of economic and military domination. This includes the Kingdom of Canada (a Francophone state centred in Quebec) and the Republic of Gran Colombia. The United States conquered and integrated Central America in the early and middle 19th Century. The USA today is one of the major economic powers of the world and continue to grow.

The United States is somewhat more socialist compared to OTL but has only recently ended their policies for segregation. The US has a significant immigrant population from the Great War as many Europeans fled from the war and the later Socialist takeovers. The US is still the major cultural centre of the world now overtaking Britain and Japan in the film and television industries in terms of size and scale (there still is an argument of their quality).

The continent of South America is a collection of former Spanish states with the exception of the Empire of Brazil. The South American region is an economic control zone by the British Empire and have so heavily integrated the states economies into the Empire so thoroughly they are dependant on them. However the Empire of Brazil is the most influential and the growing US presence in the continent threatens to rework the balance of power. The most significant conflict on the continent was the invasion and subjugation of 'fascist' Argentina by the British Empire and Brazil after they sided with the Germans and attempted to invade Chile.

Europe and Northern Eurasia are dominated by what is known as Socialist Internationale (some things will never change). Though often associated as a single entity the International is in fact a collection of different states and unions 'united' under the shared practice of socialist government. Even then here are conflicts of ideology over how socialism works in their respective nations.

The Socialist Union of Pan-Europe was born from the aftermath of the Great European War. After the defeat of Germany France did unfortunately fail to reconstruct its economy and suffered an economic collapse that quickly led to discontent and a Socialist uprising that engulfed the country and many of the states that they occupied at the time. They were however unable to spread their ideology to their colonies which were quickly appropriated by the British and loyalist forces (the fruits of espionage however are beginning to appear).

Pan-Europe is still a major power that has become increasingly multi-national as the other ethnicities in the Union crawled their way up the ladder of government to the point where they now outnumber the French administrators. Pan-Europe has moved on from attempted world revolution and instead is trying to present itself as the liberator of the oppressed former colonial world with limited success in areas. Their efforts are countered by the increase in standard of living in British Africa as well as the brutally draconian methods used by the Draka to put down said attempts.

They are joined by the Russian Socialist Union which was formed during the Great War when the Tsarist government collapsed and the Socialists prevailed over the other revolutionary groups. The Russian Socialist Union did not suffer from Stalin but did have it's period of rapid industrialisation at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and did suffer a German invasion as well as the loss of some territory to Britain during their revolution and civil war but in all the RSU has managed to make itself a serious contender on the world stage.

Between the two they dominate a collection of other European states under the administration of Pan-Europe. However the Internationale is beginning to face problems the continued economic dive in combination with a decline in birthrates is seriously beginning to affect them. There has already been an increase in rebel numbers in Eastern Europe and France is worried at the increasingly capitalist swing that Russia is making in economic policy. The Internationale could either increase or reduce oppression as a means of maintaining stability but sooner or later something will have to give way.

There are a small collection of neutral states here and there that remain separate from politics to an extent.

Technology is far further than OTL with more advanced electronics, fibre optic communications and of course space travel as well as robotic mining colonies and a few working off-world bases. Most power is now supplied by solar, wind or nuclear fusion. The persistent and far more tense Cold War as well as the development of more of the globe has led to a faster scientific process and the development of more technology as well as a willingness to research, develop and use it. A lot of nations are engineering states that simply prefer to find solutions to existing problems and then tinker with them a little but a 'scientist' view is beginning to prevail as potential problems are predicted to emerge that require preparation before hand.

The 21st Century is a time of potential change. Despite being less developed climate changes have been noticed by scientists in all the resident powers and attempts are being made for their respective governments to notice. In the meantime the various power-blocs are all undergoing changes. The Slaver powers have now reached the maximum extent of their realistic expansion and are currently suffering increasingly persistent resistance from increasingly efficient rebels. The Socialist Internationale's economic problems are becoming serious and major discussions are being made within the Inner Councils regarding massive changes in economic policy. In the Alliance for Democracy the discussions on how to respond to the increasing Muslim Issue as it is called are still under discussion but there is an air of controversy around the issue as their reaction will be noticed by the rest of the global community and will be judged.
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Hayaba1 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Is Russia performing PRC-esque reforms
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Sort of. In keeping with the grimderp nature of Draka it's all still very unpleasant.
DoctorTR Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015
children of serfs are enfranchised


Like? possible citizenship? That would kill the idea.
HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
So is it safe to say this is a world that stands a good chance against the Draka unlike in the actual novels where they kicked everyone else's asses due to ridiculously advanced technology ?
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
The Draka chance of ruling the world is somewhere between 'one in a million' and impossible.
HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
Thank goodness
Warsie Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
There are two 'fours' in this timeline.
Mikkarter Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
One question about Draka novels? Why the loyalists weren´t just resettled into England? IMHO it would be much more easy than to settle them into tiny remote colony.
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
If they did that then we wouldn't have a story.
stevecali90 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it. BTW, do you mind linking me to these alternate DoD spinoff TLs that you mentioned?
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
Sorry my IT skills are terrible and I still dont know how to link.
stevecali90 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I have seen some speculative Munroist scenarios done from time to time on the forums. Most of them are kinda borderline implausible in spots, though, mainly because nearly every one had the *U.S. successfully annexing at least Peru, Chile, and *Bolivia, sometimes going further than that.(Bruce Munro's map had Germany fully absorbing all of northern Italy, including Rome!)
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