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A Single Light In The Dark by RoyalPsycho A Single Light In The Dark by RoyalPsycho
A Single Light In The Dark:
This map is done on request by Wisky-08 who requested a map where the USA finds itself alone in a world run by a victorious Axis. It's a bit ASB but I did my best to make it as realistic as feasibly possible. So in this world FDR fails to make it to the presidency and America continues to limp through the 30s in Depression. Desperate to keep their economy afloat they continue to export to whoever is willing to buy including the fascist powers of the newly formed Axis.

When WWII begins, Europe is overrun by the Nazis in a devastating blitzkrieg that sees them gain uncontested control over Europe. Great Britain abandons the Chamberlain Government. However they are replaced by the Halifax Government who arrange a ceasefire with the Nazis, seeing Europe as a lost cause and worried at the moves Japan is making towards European colonial Asia. With a secure Western Front, the Nazis redirect their spare military forces into a larger and more well supported Operation Barbarossa that pushes deeper into the USSR. The Nazis successfully take over the Caucasus oil fields and Stalin dies during the evacuation East when the Luftwaffe bomb his convoy. The power struggle in command leads to the splintering of the USSR and the third Reich, now supported with resources claimed in the Eastern Front are able to slowly grind their way through the divided Russian resistance. A Britain less sympathetic to communism than fascism also moves into Central Asia to claim more territory.

With a Britain not as distracted by war and the USA still selling them oil, the Japanese instead move further into China and then into Siberia once it is obvious the Soviets are collapsing. The Nazis are willing to give the Japanese the less valuable colonies they took from their puppet states and eventually a treaty is worked out between Germany, Japan and Britain concerning the west pacific. The war officially ends in 1947 when the last organized resistance from France and Russia are put down.

Great Britain turns even closer to fascism when the government declares an emergency regime after a number of socialist uprisings (that were in turn a reaction to he increased authoritarianism of the government) a number of uprisings in their empire including India solidifies the new fascist regime and Britain officially joins the Axis in 1963. In turn the relationship between Germany and Japan begins to cool (it as never that warm with Britain anyway).

Nazi Germany has calmed down from its heights of batshit insanity in the 1970s and power is now divided between the Party and the military. The Fuhrer has been replaced by a Chancellor and a few of the party's more extreme policies have been dropped. The Untermenchen are no longer exterminated (though the mentally retarded are chemically castrated) and are instead deported to the British colonies where they are more welcome as long as they are white. Life in Germany is still very militant with social obligations placed on the civilians. However the Germans do have a comfortable prosperity and several necessary economic reforms have improved the standard of living. Pro-natal laws, social emphasis on large families and the old (and abandoned) rape camps have given Germany a population of around 250,000,000 Germans which is boosted by the populations of acceptable white immigrants from across the Nazi Empire.

The secret police are still very much in existence. The good old methods of encouraging the population to report on suspected dissidents are still practised but the new development in video and digital technology have made sure that there is a surveillance camera on every street corner and a radio bug in every room possible. German children are still subjected to a punishing curriculum that indoctrinates children to the policies and ideals of the state, prepares them for the jobs the government wants and enforces social and gender roles to the youth of Germany. Hitler Youth is the most popular youth organization in the Reich and has even adapted to teach new skills to the children of the modern world.

Italy attempted to move on after the death of Mussolini and even at one point threatened to succumb to revolution in the 1980s. It was only through German intervention that they remained in the Axis and even now there is a German garrison stationed at various bases set up after the Intervention of 84. Italy's colonies have now been largely ethnically cleansed and colonised with Italian's, Germans and many of Germany's castaways. However a few areas such as Somalia still cause trouble and provide a region for Axis troops to undergo live fire training in combating guerilla warfare. The Slavic Preserves are filled with an assortment of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Serbs, Lithuanians and various other Slavic identities expelled from German territory. The Preserves are closely watched and satellites keep a constant eye out for anything that could be identified as a military instalment.

The United Kingdom has relaxed its own emergency regime since the Upset of the 72. The regime however is elitist,racist and above all imperialist. Having not suffered the disaster of WWII the UK was able to keep its industry intact and instead turned to properly exploiting its colonies. Life in the UK is very traditionalist and the class system is still evident. Parliament is a one-party entity and keeps a very short leash on the media. Culture is jingoistic and imperialistic with a slight emphasis on racial supremacy but not as much as Germany. A few races from the colonies that are sufficiently loyal and productive have been granted social privileges. The Germans disapprove of this practice.

Life in the colonies is actually less conservative than it was before the war. Parliament has shifted their colonial practices toward force-draft industrialisation and exploitation. The local races are subjected to horrible conditions in the cities and subjected to a form of segregation that would look familiar to Apartheid South Africa. India underwent the biggest change, the industrialisation of the colony has granted them considerable economic power and political autonomy. The local elite have been granted a lot of power and society has been subjugated to a strange doctrine that is semi-nationalist and unites many of the various cultural groups by pitting them against the Muslims. Endorsing and supporting various political figures whilst outlawing the others has helped keep the Raj together. Britain has also been more than willing to accept the undesirables of Germany in order to relocate them to Africa and Asia. The Dominions are also fairly fascist themselves but they are closely watched and large garrisons of non-local regiments are present in the Dominions.

Japan is still under the control of their nationalist regime. The social standing of their various colonial subjects is organized into various castes with the pure blooded Japanese at the top. Japanese society is far more conservative and traditionalist than OTL. Japanese power has now been divided between the army, rich families and bureaucracy with the Emperor as a figurehead and no political parties. Large families and traditional social and gender roles are very important in Japan still which has kept Japan's population very large. Japan is also a producer of advanced high-technology and a chief exporter of such products along with numerous cultural exports. Life in Japan's non-settler colonies is run primarily by the military and are often brutally efficient areas. Certain areas considered loyal are often granted privileges but the regions that are commonly restless are under almost permanent martial law. Their colonies are also subjected to intense cultural destruction, re-education and Japanization.

The United States is the only democratic nation left in the world. However surrounded on all sides by fascists has made them far more militant and paranoid than OTL (think OTL height of the Cold War). US society finally ended segregation in the 1990s and opened themselves to immigration in the 70s as people fled the fascist powers. They maintain very delicate relationships with the other three powers due to the necessities for trade. The US didn't pull out of their Depression until the 50s.

With relationships cooling between the Anglo-Germans and the Japanese, the world watches anxiously. Berlin and London have been conferring more and drawing more plans to deal with Japan and the number of nuclear missiles stockpiled is growing terrifyingly large. How long will it take before someone decides to use them?
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Glad you like it.
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I always had a doubt about the scenarios where japan wins the war: what would affected it to the anime industry?
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