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Octavians Bronze Prows by RoyalPsycho Octavians Bronze Prows by RoyalPsycho
Octavian's Bronze Prows:
In this time-line, Mark Antony is successful in his invasion against Parthia and has a more secure power base to challenge Octavian and wins the battle of Actium. Octavian is brought down but instead of declaring himself supreme ruler, Mark Antony instead floods the Senate with his supporters and maintains the status quo. Cleopatra's Egypt remains a fairly influential client and allied state and Cleopatra continues to invite and integrate the Egyptian and Greek populations.

Despite butterflies, a man is born in Egyptian Judea who claims he is the Son of God and preaches tolerance, peace, acceptance and absolution. Jeshua of Nazareth travels across Judea, preaching as he goes before he is attacked and mortally wounded by a group of bandits. He is in a death like state (we call it a coma) for three days before he comes to life once again. It is interpreted as a true sign from God and his popularity increases further. His sect becomes very popular across Judea and spreads into Egypt where it is picked up by the scholarly classes and becomes very popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa. However it never becomes popular in Europe.

Rome remains a republic for longer before the corruption of the Senate eventually leads to an ambitious military leader usurping them and proclaiming himself Imperator. With a stable partner in North Africa, Rome spreads further into Germania and Dacia. Whilst “Christianity” becomes popular in Egypt and their sphere of influence, the Roman Emperor endorses the cult of Sol Invictus instead. This religion evolves further until the Emperor is declared a living god as the spiritual son of the Sun God. This new religion is supported by the empire and most other religions are persecuted against.

The Roman Empire eventually collapsed due to corruption, corpulence, barbarian invasions and poor leadership. The tribes were shuffled in different directions to OTL and new states appeared. The Invictine religion was largely picked up by most of these successor states along with certain Roman traditions due to the spread of Roman culture into northern Europe.

Judaism has not had a fun time. Between the Invictines and the Christians they have been forced out into a new diaspora. Modern Judaism seems to share a collective martyr-complex concerning their mistreatment in history at the hands of most powers but they are happily accepted by the Oustrogotsks as long as they pay certain special taxes. They have flourished in Central Asia and Eastern Africa but the recent of arrival of colonial powers in the region is beginning to worry the African Jews.

It is now the year 1900 AD (by OTL calendar).

The Empire of Aegyptos is not what it used to be but still has some life in it. Cleopatra's dynasty eventually died out but her legacy continued and eventually the Pharaohs adopted Christianity and proclaimed that they were given their rule by Divine Right. Whilst their west African territories have passed in and out of control but they have always maintained their core territories around the River Nile, Libya and the Levant. Greek is a prestigious and holy language spoken by all official Christian denominations and taught to the upper classes as a prestigious language. Aegyptos' biggest claim to fame is their possession of the most significant Holy Sites along with the grave of Jeshua of Nazareth. The current Pharaoh is an avid reformer and is currently sponsoring a massive program of industrialisation and technological development and innovation. This has produced the world's most complex and advanced irrigation system in the world. The recent influx of Black Africans from their Nubian territories is beginning to worry the more conservative members of the Royal Court.

Aegyptos' major rival is the empire of Persia which has changed hands several times between different racial dynasties but has always remained Iranian at its core. Persia converted to Christianity during the great expansion of the faith and has competed with Aegyptos for centuries to be the centre of the faith. The current Shah is Turkic but his family were culturally assimilated long ago and now consider themselves Persian through and through. Several evolved religions descended from Zoroastrianism still exist in and around Persia. The most popular is an ATL form of Manicheanism that forms a large minority in the Kurdish regions and portions of Anatolia.

The Empire of Vrajasjiya is the largest and most backward Christian power. India has weathered several barbarian invasions over the centuries. The Indian states of the north were converted to Christianity and kept a better grasp of technology, especially due to their proximity to east Asia. Vrajasjiya is famously corrupt and still maintains their caste system which has been adapted into a different form, which says that the position one is born into is considered to be God's will and not to be questioned. This has allowed the ruling classes to maintain control over society.

Roman influence reached much further north than OTL and several ideas and techniques filtered into Scandinavia. It was the Scandians who first discovered the Hesperides and began a sort of ad hoc settlement of these new lands before the other powers noticed. Scandia failed to get as much land as they could have, but the Union of Westmarkland still survives. Westmarkland is a league of Scando-Amerindian kingdoms and jarldoms united through general culture, economics and xenophobia. The resident rulers of each individual member of the union elect a High King to represent them every 10 years. The High King has little real power and is merely a figure head these days but there are optional “emergency powers” in the event of a crisis. Despite be cold and generally uninviting, the Union has been getting some particularly nasty looks from Britannia.

Rome collapsed and numerous successor states have emerged over the centuries. The current and most successful so far is the Empire of Britannia. The British Isles received greater colonisation than OTL and despite the migrations of several Germanic tribes, they retained much of their Roman culture as well as their Invictine faith. Ireland was even unluckier than OTL. After the southern core of Roman settlers deflected most of the Germans, they moved onto Eire and displaced the local Irish. The Irish are now a culture on the verge of death and unfortunately creep closer all the time. Celtic culture does still survive in Cornwall and portions of Wales.

Britannia is the centre of the Invictine religion and considers itself the true heir to the Roman Empire. To that end it has attempted to reunite the empire on several occasions. It was not until the arrival of Asian technology, that they were able to make inroads into backward and war-torn Europe but they have reunited most of the Empire and beaten back the Aegyptians and Oustrogotsks. They have also built a significantly sized colonial empire overseas. Whilst they have traditionally been confined to the northern Hesperidean continent, they have begun to expand their territories in Africa and are working hard to convert the natives. The Britannian Emperor is a physical God, descended from Sol Invictus and rules as his representative on Earth. However, government is now run largely by the various noble military families. Britannian society is militant, as befits a faith based on victory and surprisingly inclusive at it is possible for anyone to rise in society regardless of their race so long as they are Invictine and speak Britannian (a Germanic/Latin melange).

The Empire of Kvetchu is the largest Amerindian nation. The local Quechan inhabitants of the Andes picked up a lot of technology and administrative techniques from the Asian and European colonists and even developed their writing technique in order to build a mighty empire. Already being sun worshippers they took to the ideas of the Invictine faith well and adapted it to their local religion. Kvetchu is also highly nationalistic, imperialistic and militant. They are also very enthusiastic in spreading their faith (largely indistinguishable to Invictinism) across the world, by force if necessary. Kvetchu is also famous for various flamboyant and exotic fashion ideas with a few even considered unorthodox or even obscene by the other nations. However Kvetchu art is becoming very popular amongst the Britannian and Yamato upper classes, even if it is very macabre.

Yamato is the most industrialised nation, having been the centre of modern technological development (by adapting Chinese and European discoveries). The islands of Yamato are heavily industrialised and urbanised which has been used by several governmental leaders, to promote the colonisation of their overseas territories. Yamato's empire is vast and the Yamatoese have had to go to considerable lengths to keep order of their domains. The Yamatoese adopted Invictinism and added a few local characteristics after their first contact with Europeans. Yamatoese culture is very militant like the other Celestium nations. Yamatoese scholars still maintain their technological edge but they have begun to trade technological secrets with their allies.

These three empires make up the League of Celestium based on their imperialism, mutual sun worshipping and god king rule. The three imperial families have now begun to marry into one another to improve ties and maintain their power in the face of the other powers that have begun to industrialise.

The invasion and colonisation of Germania by the Romans, led to several Germanic tribes to migrate to the Ukraine. The civilization that developed there, managed to stave off the various Hunnic and Turkic migrations and beat the Slavs into submission. The Oustrogotsks have managed to replicate Yamatoese technology and successfully industrialised. They are fairly liberal by modern standards and are the home for several radical (by this TL's standards) ideologies and political theories due to the exchange of European and Asian ideas. The Kaiser is an enthusiastic moderniser and has endorsed a new liberal government by filling the court with several of these scholars and passed numerous reforms. The Oustrogotsks have not had a major war for a while now and their military is rather sluggish and backward. Unfortunately it is also lower down the Kaiser's priority list.

Africa is being properly colonised now that modern medicine has caught up. Unfortunately much like OTL, the west African kingdoms depopulated much of the interior by selling them as slaves.

Technology is roughly at turn of the 20th Century levels of development. Scientific racism never really developed due to so many different races building successful empires. However there are far less problems with political genocide amongst many nations. The Invictines (and other Celestial faiths) especially consider nearly anything acceptable if it expands the number of worshippers. Most religions, accept scientific development and all the discoveries it makes as part of their respective God's plans. The recent discoveries of other suns has been taken in stride by the Invictines and strung along by their propaganda. Governments are normally authoritarian and conservative by nature but often progressive with technology and industrialisation. Rail-roads criss-cross the nations of the world and keep communication between the cities and industrial centres. News and media are all controlled by their nations respective governments the world over. The Yamatoese navy is currently the most advanced but like OTL Britain, the Britannians have built the world's first dreadnought and are trying to build as many as possible.

With Britannia's new incursions, there are talks going on concerning the possible Scramble for Africa. Several talking heads have also been discussing the possibility of a mechanised war. As the League of Celestium centralises and consolidates their political union into a more coherent empire, they have also begun to make plans to expand their empires further and convert the rest of the world. In the next thirty years, the Scramble for Africa takes place, political competition intensifies and an Aegyptian prince will accidentally be killed by a routine gas bombing of one of Britannia's more troublesome border vassals setting the massive powder keg off.
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mdc01957 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
So a Romano-British Empire and a Japan that's more or less OTL with Latin? That's something. :XD:
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
An interesting one...

"The recent influx of Black Africans from their Nubian territories is beginning to worry the more conservative members of the Royal Court."

One would think Nubians would be old news by now.

"The Indian states of the north were converted to Christianity and kept a better grasp of technology, especially due to their proximity to east Asia."

Hm? The Himalayas are in the way...

Vrajasjiya is famously corrupt and still maintains their caste system in order to keep certain people in their place.

I'd put it another way myself, since the Caste system was traditionally reinforced by Hindu religious ideas: "the caste system continues in a different form, as the position one is born into is considered to be God's will and not to be questioned."

"The current and most successful so far is the Empire of Britannia".

Why am I not surprised? :D

"Yamato is the most industrialised nation, having been the centre of modern technological development (by adapting Chinese and European)."

Adapting Chinese and European whats?

Here I must raise an objection: I know you are driven to wank the Brits, but must you wank the Japanese as well? Japan beating up on China in our history was the product of a rather specific set of historical circumstances: having it conquer/vassalize almost all of East Asia and _colonize_ China in the case of an indigenous Asian development of technology is...unlikely. Japan is, IMHO, overwanked in AH. You can always split China in two if you think a single superpower China is a bit too much... :)
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
Once again thank you. I really need to think these through more. I'll be honest I was trying to go for a sort of emerging dystopia.

I used Nubia as a general term for Sudan. I kind of meant the southern portion of OTL Sudan and also about how many of them are moving north.

Sorry, that should have been India in general. The East Asians came by the sea and technology spread from South to North.

Thank you for noticing that. I really need to re-check that write up. I tend to write these long before I finish the maps and stuff gets missed out or misunderstood.

Never be surprised by my Britwanking, I try to discover as many new ways to do so as possible. However at least they're just one of several powers this time.

That's a typo. That should say "techniques". Thanks for noticing.

I'll do that. As far as colonize goes they're not really doing that. China is occupied by the Yamatoese but it's not a vassal or an exact colony. Maybe it should have it's own distinction. Great Moghulsthan was originally going to be a rump China but that seemed ridiculous.
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
Sorry that should be "discoveries" not "techniques".
AmongTheSatanic Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I demand a sequel! This has me pumped :meow:
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
I'll see what I can do. Heh heh heh (evil grin).
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