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Stopped Short by RoyalPsycho Stopped Short by RoyalPsycho
Stopped Short:
This is another Draka timeline but one in which the budding Crown Colony of Draka experiences a rather thorough crackdown from the British government for their now blatantly cruel treatment of the Africans and their increasingly obvious disloyalty to the empire. Though there is a difficult war the size of the Empire along with loyalist elements with Draka as well as several slave revolts orchestrated and otherwise eventually sees the loyalists to the Archon defeated and the Colony and its possessions secured for Britain and subjected to reforms as per British policy.

There was no necessary reforming of borders and the Draka eventually regained self-sufficiency as a Dominion but great sweeping changes went through Draka society. Those who harboured sentiments towards the Archonateís policies were persecuted by the new government and the emancipation of the serfs saw immense restructuring of the Drakan economy. Many rich planation families were ruined. However the Drakan policy of investment in industry continued and soon railroads, factories, dams, mills and new plantations once again began popping up across Sub-Saharan Africa. There were members of society who still harboured resentments towards the new government and the British and soon enough a Drakan KKK emerged in the traditionalist rural regions of the white settled provinces that would continue to lynch black Africans and plot to return Draka to its rightful place.

There was eventually a war in Europe that spread across the world as the nationís responsible dragged their allies and colonies into the war and saw conflict spread across the world. However the players and causes were very different as was the eventual outcome of the war but for the most part the damages had been done to most of Europe. A second war sealed the fates of most of the colonial powers but Britain and its Dominions managed to drag themselves through albeit battered and bruised into a new Cold War.

The Dominion of Draka is finally governed as a single unit once more after the last of the African colonies were submitted to the government in Archona as provinces. Draka rules over vast swathes of Africa and still remains a point of tension for much of the world who do not approve of one entity ruling over so much of the worlds resources especially from those who do not like Britain. The Dominion is still part of the Empire but by this point it is more-or-less self-governing with the people acknowledging the queen as the head of state and sending representatives to London to represent the Dominion in Parliament. The Dominion is still a conservative society but has now abandoned all forms of legal and judiciary discrimination in society but a lot of social prejudice by the conservative white Draka still exists. The Dominion is a very Christian society similar to the US fly-over states and even has its own religious party in Parliament but thankfully has little influence in politics though in recent times they have become more vocal and some people are beginning to listen, it doesnít hurt them that their spokesman is surprisingly charismatic either.

The British Empire still exists as a fairly federal entity but its influence on the world is rather loose as it requires getting all the Dominions and associates to agree on the same action which is increasingly a lesson in cat-herding. The Empire is also more conservative and jingoistic compared to OTL with a huge emphasis on Britishness in the face of a hostile Europe. India was the most difficult portion of the Empire and the eventual reformation of the Raj into a cohesive nation with a cadet Windsor on its throne was a long and gradual one with many setbacks and fears of revolt. However in a world that still believes that imperialism (in one form or another) works something was eventually worked out and the new Raj emerged as a construct as federalised, loose and confusing as the Empire it is still a part of. Fears of the British in the Raj going native have yet to be realised but there is a lot of crossing of cultural boundaries going on.

In this world the Nazis did rise to power (some things never change) that was led by a Mister Adolf Hitler who was in fact blonde with an eye-patch but this man actually turned out to be a better political strategist and refrained from a few of his OTL counterparts mistakes by not getting involved in either North Africa or Russia and instead focusing on Europe. Though things have failed to work out as he had hoped upon his death in 1953 from a case of bullet through the head (a stroke is the official reason) his successors did manage to work out a peace settlement with the other world powers and began to reform government in order to tone done the political insanity and instead focus on turning the Reich into a proper power. Germany is still a one party state but the Nazis are now far more moderate though they have succeeded in shipping the undesirables off to other countries. They also succeeded in keeping up with their enemies in terms of technology and gained an atomic bomb only a year after the Anglo-American project bore fruit. Most of the rest of Europe is made up of German puppet states to varying degrees.

France has had a very different history. A somewhat different Franco-Prussian War saw Louis Napoleon stay in power which really messed up politics thereafter. France ended up on the losing side of the 1st World War and went fascist alongside Germany and much of the rest of Europe during the 1930s. They are now still good friends with the Reich after they were able to regain portions of Africa lost in the treaties after the 1st World War they proceeded to fill them up with the Europeans expelled from German territories (except the Jews, they also hate them too) which allowed them to keep the more profitable parts once the rebellions began. France is still ruled by the Bonaparte family but they are strictly figureheads now with the military giving all the orders. France is more of a police state than Germany but is fairly colour-blind in regards to government and even a African that learns French and hides his faith can easily make it high into the upper echelons of government.

The United States is large and in charge with a greater outlook on global politics compared to OTL due to their own periods of expansion. The US now completely dominates the North American continent (with the exception of the few remaining pieces of British America) as well as directly incorporating the Philippines. Catholicism is now the largest Christian denomination in the US but English is still the most spoken language even if in a lot of cases itís a second language. The USA has had a greater feeling of manifest Destiny as a result of their extra expansion which has evolved into their mind-set as World Policemen a view that upsets the other powers a lot. Having received a lot of immigrants from Europe after the World Wars as well as Asians fleeing the Japanese the USA is a more cosmopolitan nation with a rich and diverse variety of subcultures clogging their streets and stealing their jobs. The 20th Century has been a very up-heaving one for the United States and they have gone from a fairly isolationist power to a World Power in a little under 50 years and that has still left a few scars on the American attitude that tend to clash with the other world powers. Though the USA is not yet bilingual there are still substantial Spanish speaking populations across the Southern states in Central America.

The Empire of Japan is seen as a pariah state but is still undeniably a world power. The Empire managed to avoid attacking the European powers due to an easier to dominate Taiping China and picked the correct side during the Second World War and picked up a lot of territory from the Eurasian Socialist Union after the war. Japan is no longer under military rule but the government is still full of traditionalists and imperialists that keep society much as it was during the War. Japan is far more conservative than OTL and whilst their population has begun to age and decline they are still an enormous economic power. Japan was pushed out of most of China after decades of resistance but they retained colonies around Manchuria and the North as well as a Taiping puppet in the South. Taiping China is a majority Christian nation now and is currently undergoing industrialisation with Japanese prompting. They have no fondness for the Japanese but they have even less love for the Northern regime and still require Japanese guns to keep them safe so the government grins and bears with it.

Russia did turn communist but made some bad decisions. By the 1940s the USSR found itself surrounded by strong rivals that all hated them. Eventually the Premier made some bad decisions and managed to unite the major world powers against them. Russia was invaded, defeated and mostly dismantled by the victors. The rump Russian state is now a fascist state under a charismatic leader that has managed to rebuild much of Russia into a fairly stable state. However Russia still has problems, whilst not suffering from the OTL demographic collapse but still has a significant issue over organized crime. Communist Russia was brought down in the 1950s and the younger generations look back to it as a great nation destroyed before it could achieve its full potential and despite the release of information on several government atrocities and several scientific surveys analysing the possibility of the USSR making it past the 1990s intact the subculture still refuses to listen and gain steam.

This world is one that is far more advanced than ours with prolific safe nuclear fusion reactors, orbital colonies, moon bases, interactive VR and advanced cybernetics but it is a more conservative and authoritarian world than ours. It is also one with far different political views. Whilst Communism is seen as an inefficient model of government, fascism is still viewed as a viable if undesirable ideology. Imperialism in several forms is also still an accepted ideology from political puppetry to democratic assimilation. There has also been no exact Cold War as there has been in OTL but the 20th Century was a century of rivalry between the democratic and fascist power but far more disorganised and decentralised.

The world powers continue to look to the stars as a means of resources and expansion and each major power (and a few lesser ones) has a space program. Claims are already being made on asteroids as well as the planets and moons of the Solar System. Some talking heads have begun to express their concerns over the proliferation of armed colonies in space and the possibility that extraterrestrial expansion may in-fact be the match that sets of the powder-keg of nuclear war.

P.S-Credit goes to B Munro/Quantumbranching for the Egyptian Meiji idea and the template for India in this map.
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grisador Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
This is awesome :D
coldblood11 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014
You sir, have officially broken the number one most sacred ultimate alternate history rule: Swiss neutrality.
ChowHound37 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 10, 2014
I've always been interested if the Draka didn't become such Karma Houdinis, and I really like this map. In fact, I'm actually brainstorming a TL for this. It's still in the early stages, but is it OK if I use the map as inspiration and play around with it a bit? I'll credit you as well.
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Go ahead.
MotorcycleRocketz Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
This is easily my favourite of your maps. It manages to capture the complete opposite of Draka's darkness. Rather than focusing one one major authoritarian power, brutal and all encompassing, your scenario posits a world filled with disparate squabbling powers, not as evil as the Draka but more numerous. I love it.
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Pseudo-Napoleonic France and Nazi Germany? That's a recipe for political stability....
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Oh trust me its an alliance of conveniance and now that things overseas are looking fairly safe they will soon turn on each other and then things will get really, really nasty.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
The B Munro-ness is strong in this one. :XD:

But seriously, nice work!
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