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The Anathema by RoyalPsycho The Anathema by RoyalPsycho
The Anathema:
I'm sure people are getting tired of my particular theme/OCD concerning Brit/English-wanks. So for those of you who want to see some diversity in my work here you go. It was made a little quickly but I think I did a good job despite being rather busy.

Addendum (credit to B.Munro/Quantumbranching for the various maps including Cliveless World & Anti-Draka which helped create this map).

In this world, the Spanish Armada successfully lands on England and conquered the nation. They attempted to restore the nation to Catholicism, and even put a Hapsburg on the throne for a few years before a rebellion overthrew them a few years later and put Queen Elizabeth back on the throne. However England had been crippled by the effort and had it's confidence shattered. Queen Elizabeth did take a husband and mothered children which meant that the Jacobian Family never took the throne and Scotland remained independent. The Hapsburg's absolute hegemony did eventually end with the rebellion of England, the Netherlands and the Protestant German states.

We then flash forward to the year 2013 AD. Things have most definitely changed.

Butterflies led to different nations having more or less success. France had more colonial success and was able to keep up with the Spanish. France is still a major colonial power with colonies and protectorates across Central America, North Africa and South Asia. France is a big believer of enlightened despotism and has liberalised whilst still retaining most of the Bourbon's power. A constitution has now made the power fairly informal and confined by unwritten agreements and traditions. Power is now distributed between the landowners and big businessmen who are both nobles and commoners. The middle class has little representative power but they do have the option of legally petitioning the government to address issues and their rights of demonstration and free speech. French society is still very respectful of both hierarchy and religious tradition but the nation officially secularised in the 1870s and the social classes whilst still heavily defined, are mobile. The recent empowerment of their colonial subjects has been met with mixed responses but the government does recognise that they will have to beef up their economic and military muscle if they wish to remain a major world power.

France also has a very enthusiastic interest in science and innovation. This has been used to encourage private sector R&D as well as government departments to develop the latest and greatest gadgets. France is now the byword for efficient and reliable high technology. French culture is also more flamboyant due to a neo-classical period in the 1920s. France is also the producer and consumer of television products and services which has made them an emerging cultural influence on the world. Everyone who can, watches the latest French motion picture. They're even beginning to create movies with sound and colour picture is currently on the table.

L'Republique de Nouvelle-France was formed from the former French North American colonies that rebelled in the Late 18th Century. They had a brief successful run in the 19th Century until the 1880s where a poorly organized war against the Mexicans saw the beginning of a crisis period. This eventually led to the overthrow of the old government by “Socialist” revolutionaries. Nouvelle-France is now a well organized technocratic autocracy. Whilst there are few actual social freedoms, the nation is lawful and fairly civilized about their authoritarianism and the people's rights are very secure. Nouvelle-France is also very militant with a massive military and state security complex. Despite it's fairly liberal attitudes (by Socialist standards), there is still a very large surveillance system and heavily armed police are a common sight on the streets.

Spain moved their government and monarchy to their American colonies in the 18th Century during a French invasion. After the Mexican Revolution, the government moved again into South America. The Empire of Peru is fairly backwards, but gets by and has developed into a fairly stable nation. Peru is rapidly industrialising and exporting as many cheap mass-produced products as possible. Racist social policies make it a bad place to be a Black African or ethnic Amerindian, Asians however are very welcome. The Portuguese dog has been wagged by it's tail since the early 1900s, however the increased industrialisation of their vast African territories is leading to some intense competition between the two. Portugal is still a very authoritarian state and happily exploits their Black subjects as cheap (often forced) labour for their industrialisation projects.

Russia like OTL remained the most backward European state and had a run of very bad Tsars up until the 1920s. Their losses in the last war (not territorial but definitely psychological) saw a revolution and civil war that ended with the rise of a fascistic government. Russia is now a clerical fascist state that underwent several phases of industrialisation and modernisation that have elevated Russia from a large but backward state into a genuine superpower. The dictator that led the revolution crowned himself Tsar with the backing of the Church in order to legitimise his seizure of the nation.

The last War of 1949-1952 started as a proxy war in China between the older dynasty and a more progressive government. The progressives backed by a Franco-Spanish-Austrian-Portuguese alliance defeated the Russo-Ottoman alliance supporting the existing government. Russia made some territorial concessions before it fell into anarchy whilst the Ottomans and their empire were dismantled and partitioned. Most of it went to the French. England had covertly supported the Russians and suffered some economic repercussions for their loss. The war did introduce more industrial methods of warfare that have changed the face of warfare. China has since been partitioned between the world powers. Russia was able to preserve a portion of the old empire in the north but for the most part it has been divided between regional landlords, mostly by the French who then collectively puppetized them. The neighbouring nation of Edo was also caught up in the war and failed to make it through the war intact as the post war settlement divided up the western Pacific region.

Brandenburg is the new kid on the block who has begun to expand and incorporate several German state they snatched from French control during the last war. They have successfully modernised and have become incredibly militant and progressive in the past few decades. They may yet have plans for Europe in which they topple the old order and put themselves at the head of a new one. Its for this very reason that they have allied with the Bulgarians to take out the old powers. Another nations with plans to change things is the kingdom of England. England feels it has been wronged by history. The loss of their minute colonial empire to the French and Portuguese in the last war has seen the rise of a very angry and expansionist government that has been making agreements with the Brandenburgers and Bulgarians. This new trio of nations plan to start a war that will give them the empires they feel they deserve and the revenge against the nations they feel are responsible for their failures.

Technologically the world is more backward compared to OTL with the level being at roughly late 1930s. Heavier than air travel is still fairly new and used mainly by the military whilst Zeppelins are still a common feature of the skies. Submarine warfare was perfected during the last war where French submarines decimated the Ottoman fleets and has now been adopted by every other nation that maintains a navy. Poison gas was utilised by the Russians and counted for horrendous casualties on both sides. Most nations have signed a treaty forbidding the use of such weapons but others have not (namely Russia, Brandenburg & England. Also Nouvelle-France but they're not interested in expansion). Society varies in terms of conservatism and liberalism. Most nations adhere to the right-wing of the political spectrum and nations overall are quite authoritarian. People are less individualistic and hierarchy is still very important to everyone as a means of defining themselves and their place in society. However concepts such as chivalry and noblesse-oblige still exist in modern forms and make sure that certain social standards are upheld, even in Nouvelle-France where the government attempts to keep up with the most “rational” of new enlightened concepts.

However as revolution breaks out across the Austrian Empire and the Hapsburgs fail to respond, global tensions rise. France is unwilling to intervene due to the invested interests of so many of their rivals in the region. Brandenburg however is far less conscious of this and may just be the spark for the next big war.

*There you go Bruce. I hope you were sitting down for this one.
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Laputa-Scorefinger Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013
Wait, a world where England doesn't control half the globe?

Who are you, and what have you done to the real RoyalPsycho? ;P
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
I killed him and ate his liver.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
At least there's potential for later France-wanks.
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Best I could do with the time available.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
Still, nice work! So what's next?
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
I have a couple of ideas floating round:

The sequel to Octavian's Bronze Prows.
The Kaiser & the King (Austria & Britain).
A world where D-Day failed to land.
A world where the Mongols successfully conquered Europe (for a bit).

And.......maybe just.......

The Ultimate Britwank.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
The Kaiser and the King idea sounds pretty fascinating.
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