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The Protracted Struggle by RoyalPsycho The Protracted Struggle by RoyalPsycho
The Protraced Struggle:
Not my personal best but here is another Draka time-line. Credit goes to Goliath-Maps for the inspiration behind this concept. In this time-line the Domination suffered more during the Eurasian War and got bogged down in assimilating a Europe filled with militant Nazis and fanatical partisans as well as struggling to chew their way through China especially when facing the Japanese who turned out to be just as ruthless as the Draka and employed truly terrifying 'scorched earth' tactics and ultimately failed to keep portions of what they had conquered. A rebellion led by a surviving Taiping and surprisingly backed by Japan succeeded in breaking a chunk of China off whilst the Soviets continued to hold out East of the Urals and North of Outer Mongolia and eventually the rise of the Alliance for Democracy forced the Draka to end even their pretext of expansion and end their plans of invasions.

The Draka Imperium still known as the Domination went through series of reforms after the end of the Eurasian War and the beginning of the Protracted Struggle with the AoD. The Draka are still the same old slavers and oppressors that they have always been but there has been a change in attitude as of their near experience with destruction. By the end of the war the Draka population had been devastated by the losses of the Eurasian War and the uprisings that had characterised the Post-War period (and still do in certain areas). At one point the loyalty of the Janissaries had been called into question and the Domination was brought to the closest it ever would to destruction.

The Draka after a great struggle, have more or less returned to their perceived place in the world and still make plans to conquer and subjugate the entire world and human race under their rule. The Domination has begun a propaganda campaign to raise the population of Citizens again and several new (and in some cases unpopular) laws have been enacted. Laws forbidding serf concubines (until a certain age) and the imprisonment of women that are both unmarried and childless by a certain age are not popular but the government does see the necessity of keeping the population large and productive. New privilege systems for the serfs have also been enacted to maintain the loyalty/subservience of the serf populations. The Domination has reformed into a complex and more decentralised structure in the face of the pressures of ruling such a large and often subversive empire. Certain areas of the Domination have now been set aside as reservations for certain peoples that can be trusted whilst others are still under military occupation either as training regions or to keep order. However despite this the complete disregard of their subjects humanity and the militant lifestyle of the Draka has allowed them to keep order across their enormous Empire. The Draka's neo-paganism has been developed into a religion that they have begun to convert the entire population to worshipping as another means of keeping order (rewriting the Koran, Torah, Bible, etc can only get you so far).

Whilst the Domination of Draka has decentralised in the face of threats surprisingly the Alliance for Democracy has in fact centralised to the point where it is less of a union and more like a nation. The Alliance is definitely a multi-national state that isn't even democratic is several of its nations like Brazil and Japan but still functions despite the Byzantine complexity of the Alliance. The United States is still the symbolic leader of the Alliance but they are still outdone economically by the Japanese and the British-Indians. The USA is a majority Catholic nation from their Hispanic and Filipino citizens but English speakers still make up the majority. The USA is far more regulated than OTL and strict gun laws do exist with extensive federal and Alliance powers over the citizenry. Due to their expansionist history the USA has a different attitude towards imperialism than OTL and views itself as the Empire of Liberty. Expansion and centralisation through political and cultural assimilation is seen as the most viable model to forge the Alliance from a loose union into a cohesive super-nation.

Other major members of the Alliance are the British Federal Union and the Japanese Empire. After the true nature of the Domination was made more obvious than ever to the British people they focused on unifying what remained of their empire into a more coherent entity. The Domination's conquests during the Eurasian War finally completed the process of unification prior to the creation and centralisation of the Alliance. The Union is a federal construct with a system of political manoeuvres that have kept the Union from becoming simply an Indian entity but it does face issues concerning the extensive religious and ethnic tensions in South Asia. Japan is still an authoritarian regime but has mellowed down from the attitudes it held during the Eurasian War. They also run the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere which rules over much of South East Asia in a tight political, military and economic union. Whilst the USA is definitely the leader of the Alliance these two are overtaking them economically with the Japanese still remaining the richest economy in the Alliance.

The rest of the Alliance is made up of lesser powers and nations that managed to avoid the Domination. Several European nations hoped to avoid obligations to the Alliance by playing the Alliance and the Domination against one another much as the Thai played the Europeans against one another but found the Draka willing to call their bluffs. The subsequent conquests sent the remaining neutrals firmly into the Alliance's camp. Alliance control finally stabilised the ruling nations of South America. Imperial Brazil is the richest and most politically stable of the South American nations whilst the Siberian People's Republic is the most powerful of the lesser powers within the Alliance. The Alliance is a federal construct with several complex layers of administration keeping any one power from having too much control over the Alliance as a whole.

This world is far more advanced than ours due to the modernisation of the entire planet along with the far more intense Cold War and societies far more given to scientific advancement (though with an engineering mindset towards solving problems over pointless speculation). The world powers have now begun to look to space as a source of resources and colonisation in a world now firmly divided between two hostile powers. This world is one that still has fingers poised over the nuclear button but also has the buttons to extremely powerful orbital, chemical and biological weapons on standby as well. The Draka have finally begun to make progress in advanced genetic engineering and have created numerous GM products, some geneticists and politicians have begun to look into the new breakthroughs in the Human Genome Projects and discussions are being made on the possibility of engineering the Citizen population to make them something more than human.
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Eheucaius17 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016
Do the French have any colonies that they can flee to?
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016
They still had some islands left but the British annexed them. Most French refugees went for the USA or parts of the British Empire.
grisador Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015
So draka of this timeline is less racist & more civilized ?
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015
They're still very racist. They're just more pragmatic about it and not as insane about their bigotry as canon.
grisador Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015
Oooh; so they simply 'trained' their behaviore !
coldblood11 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
Why is Romania more uncivilised than Algeria, for example? Weren't Caucasians favoured by the Draka?
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
Algeria has been settled for longer, especially since North Africa has a connection to the neo-classicalism the Draka like.  Also the Romanian resistance took a long time to suppress which has affected the provinces status.
Goliath-Maps Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
Hey...In both the Official (Canon) Draka and my version the Draka aren't Pagans...they're Unofficial Atheists/Nihilists (though they're okay with religions if they can be warped to serve the state).
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Yeah but in this TL, that isn't working for them anymore so their neo-paganism is an attempt to control the populace through a religious ideal they already believe that doesn't contradict everything they believe in like the Abrahamic religions do.
Goliath-Maps Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
This is a pretty interesting map...I can tell where you based the things off my map rather than the official one. Good Job!
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
Whoa, I like how you handled Draka-occupied territory. I've seen a lot of maps which just has it as a blob of orange; it's not very aesthetically pleasing.
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