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Viking Over The Bridge by RoyalPsycho Viking Over The Bridge by RoyalPsycho
Viking Over The Bridge:
Not my best but here it is for what it's worth. This is a world in which Harold Godwinson and his army lost the battle of Stamford Bridge against the Norwegian army of Harald Hardrada. With the Saxon army broken the Norwegians rampage through the North and seek to retake England. However he soon faced a tough challenge from the recently arrived Normans led by Duke William II who had taken the southern portion of the nation in the absence of Harold's army. The two powerful leaders met in Mercia and fought one another to a standstill. Eventually England was divided into two once again with the Norwegians holding the North and the Normans holding the South.

With territory in warmer weather the Viking s are able to maintain their connections with their far-flung territories in the Atlantic and even keep a few of their outposts in Vinland. The Viking arrival in he Americas is very slow and the technological advantage is mostly neutralised by their disadvantage in numbers. At the same time the Norse have a greater interest in trade rather than outright conquest and attract many colonists from across the Scandinavian diaspora. The Norse empire and hegemony does begin to contract in certain areas as the rest of Christian Europe as well as the Slavs begin to expand once again. Scandinavia eventually covert to Christianity as well and missionaries spread across the Atlantic into the Americas as well.

Without Norse seafaring capabilities and a system of outposts to stop off over the trip, it takes longer for the rest of Europe to make the trip across the Atlantic but soon enough they arrive as well and begin carving their own dominions out of the New World. Diseases were spread just like OTL despite the earlier arrival of Europeans and made the colonisation easier. This was then followed by voyages in search of easy routes to East Asia and an age of colonialism and imperialism in the wake of an ATL Renaissance.

History Happens:

The current leading world power is the Empire of New England. Norman England founded the colony in the 16th Century and invested in it heavily. They suffered from a disadvantage of numbers and talent compared to OTL England but the colony itself prospered and eventually managed to rise to supremacy in the North American continent. Today it is a constitutional monarchy with a representative parliament and a monarchy that still holds some power (no Magna Carta and a very different development of post-Renaissance democracy). Society is Catholic and very conservative with traditional values pertaining to moral actions and practices, sexuality and gender roles still existing. They are enthusiastic industrialists and technological modernisers thanks to a history of being settled by workers of various disbanded Royal Companies. New England abolished slavery in the 1940s and the net few decades were spent deporting the remaining black African population back to Africa. New England inherited the British Empire after the British Isles were taken by the Deutsch in the Late 18th Century. They then went on to expand it further than ever before and now rule over substantial colonial domains. They are still attempting to convert the natives and trying to culturally assimilate them into English culture and society. They still discriminate against the natives of their colonies and give them the most difficult, dangerous and lethal jobs as well as the most undesirable ones. The modernisation of Africa is currently being spearheaded by companies and a lot of land is now privately owned by the wealthier families of the empire.

The British Isles were united in a very different manner to OTL and had even more cultural tensions. It spent most of the 19th Century as a very disgruntled Deutsch colony/puppet before the early 20th Century. The last major war between 1933-1941 saw the Deutsch lose some substantial colonial territory as well as the British Isles. Today the British Empire is a separate satellite state of New England. It is a more cosmopolitan state than OTL with at least five different culture vying for significance. Culture and language are more Latin especially in the South due to the French kings keeping a tighter grip on their Norman vassals whilst the north is far more noticeably Nordic.

Deutschland is still a strong power despite the beating it took in the 1930s. The Deutsch were united in the 17th Century and went on to take charge of the colonial era. After defeating the Espagnians and building a massive empire in the New World and East Asia they suffered a succession crisis and lost much of their territory. They built a new empire in the 19th Century and even defeated the British and took their homeland. Today the Deutsch have changed once again. Their government is a constitutional monarchy with an oligarchic Diet controlling power in government. Society is elitist but no longer racist and at is genuinely meritocratic with every citizen being presented an opportunity to climb the ranks of society and attain a noble title. The Deutsch have a very stratified society that whilst meritocratic does still remind certain people where their place is and values duty, responsibility and noblesse oblige in the case of the upper classes. Their empire in Africa and Asia is governed in a similar way to a factory town written large. A lot of investment takes place around the more useful assets of a colony and most settlements are built around the industrial regions as workers arrive and bring their families, which in turn attracts smaller businesses and promotes infrastructure. The Deutsch have slightly less of an issue with religion than the New Englanders and respect the native creeds so long as they aren't too open or vocal about them. The raising of successful locals to government positions has also helped to assuage some of the populations concerns around local leadership.

The Russian principalities were united in a very different manner by the republican city state of Novgorod. They expanded east and south earlier than OTL and built a larger empire. Their expansion had several unintended repercussions. The creation of the Christian Chinese Empire in the 18th Century caused the independent southern Chinese states to expand further into South East Asia in search of refuge. Already a more seafaring culture at this time thanks to butterflies the Chinese found several archipelagos and an entire continent ripe for the taking and settled it with almost desperate fervour. The various Chinese states are united in a very loose union behind a remnant of the Ming Family. Most areas are ruled over by their respective nobles and oligarchs and only nominally respect the authority of the Latter Ming. The Russians on the other hand of transformed into a fairly religious empire. Whilst not an outright theocracy the Orthodox Church has a lot of power and the Muslims in their empire are really suffering from the forced conversion missions that regularly take place with government backing. The Russian army is kept on it's toes with the frequent uprisings and rebel hunts in Central Asia. Industrial serfdom is still a major institution that provides plenty of cheap labour for the growing industrial machine of Russia.

Africa was colonised and exploited for slave labour just like OTL but the players were very different. Both Espagnia and the Deutsch still keep extensive holdings with a few others maintaining their grip on their colonies. Control is beginning to slip in a few areas but colonial control is helped by some of the changes that are taking place in the various empires as well as a lack of actual national identity in a lot of areas. On the other hand the Islamic nations have been quite a bit more successful and many avoided falling too far behind the Europeans or at least avoided becoming colonies. Even today a lot of them are actually considered slightly darker Europeans as far as racial attitudes are concerned.

Technology is about the same level as the OTL 1940s. Technological development is more widespread across the world but a different Renaissance and a suppressed Enlightenment stifled some creativity. The survival of various empires in Asia has meant that certain elements of racism do not exist or are reduced compared to OTL. However the concept of the White Man's Burden is still very much alive in Africa and the Americas and there has been a lot cultural destruction over the centuries by colonial nations. The world is on the whole more elitist, monarchical and Catholic than OTL. There were several reformations within the Church which helped stop some ATL Protestant movements and there was even a reconciliation with most of the Orthodox Church but a few nations such as Taribia have broken away under their own national churches at certain points in history. The rising powers of the Holy Roman Empire, Corea and Taribia are beginning to encroach on various borders and tensions are rising as the political situation begins to shift. The relationship between the New Englanders and the Deutsch has been tense at best but it is already breaking down. In various laboratories across the planet are scientists that are working to unlock the mysteries of the atom while others make progress in other more esoteric fields especially in biology. In a few years everything will spill over into the largest and most terrible conflict the world has ever seen.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
I wonder: what is it with the New World and Britain's colonies turning into an alternate Holy Empire of Britannia...when not an Ameriwank? :XD:
RoyalPsycho Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
Maybe because we just never had an evil empire in the Americas in OTL.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
That's true. Though granted, some hardliners on the left and right like to paint America as the evil empire or to blame for the world's problems. ;)
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